At the age of 23 Bruce was walking the streets of Akron, Ohio as if he was a dead man walking. Then a co-worker started to witness and mentor him at work. He invited him to church on several occasions. Bruce told him to leave him alone and he would contact him if he wanted to attend. He backed off and did not mention church for two months. Bruce observed him and wandered why he was just so happy in life every day. Then on a Sunday afternoon, two months after Bruce asked him to leave him alone, Bruce called his friend. He told him how depressed he was and wanted to talk with him. His friend asked Bruce to meet him at church for the evening service. Bruce went to the church and felt peace, fellowship, love and understanding. He was so excited about the experience and could not wait to go back to church the next Sunday. He attended the am service and went back for the evening service as well. Then it happened. The altar call was given and with tears Bruce was running to the altar to accept the Lord as his personal savior!  Bruce is so thankful that a co-worker took the time to mentor him and show him the ways of the Lord.

Now, decades later Bruce has the same passion to present the Gospel to all that will listen. The Lord has called him to sing, preach, teach and to witness the power of our Lord and Savior. 

He has traveled with Highest Praise, The Master's Quartet, The Master's Voice, Down Home Gospel Quartet,                                  Four By Grace and Heart's Desire Quartet. 

​Bruce has attended numerous ministry training conferences, served as Pastor, Elder, Deacon, Music Committee, Christian radio DJ, TV program producer, concert promoter, artist management, etc. Serving when and where the Lord calls him to serve!

Bruce accepts bookings for speaking, preaching, teaching and singing engagements.

Bruce travels as a soloist as well as singing when available with groups that need a temporary fill in for baritone, lead or second tenor. using his rich voice that the Lord has given him as a soloist to be a blessing to all.

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