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Gospel Memories
The Master's Quartet 1st Anniversary concert at the Civic Theater with Gold City. 660 in ticket sales on a cold February night. 1997
Bruce Wells MC and Radio host for Down Home Gospel Concerts
Jeff Huey, Justin Crank / Down Home Gospel Board of Directors
Scott Burnside
Down Home Gospel Concert at Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Ronald Howard Gospel Music Pavilion.
The Pine Ridge Boys with the late Big Jim.
The Gospel Echoes
The Master's Quartet with The Freemans. 1997
Danny Funderburk featured artist at Down Home Gospel Concert. Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist. Ronald Howard Gospel Music Center.
Sherril Rundle opened for all Down Home Gospel Radio Concerts
The Master's Voice with Bruce Wells. Sharon Miller Tawney, Sandy Metz and Ed Bruder. Down Home Gospel Concert.
Down Home Gospel Quartet with Tex Eskew, Bob Legge, Bruce Wells, Dave Carroll
Anderson Trio
Mission Quartet
Mercy River Quartet
Down Home Gospel Quartet at 
 1st Annual Kenmore Gazebo Concert. Virginia Calich on the piano, Jerry Hall-Tenor, Bob Legge-Baritone, Bruce Wells-Lead, Jim Buckner-Bass. Good times!
2nd Annual Gospel at Kenmore Gazebo
Mary St Clair fills in for Tex Eskew and does an amazing job. Down Home Gospel Quartet
Four By Grace 2015. Bob Legge, Mary St. Clair, Bruce Wells, Dave Carroll
The last concert by Four By Grace
Heart's Desire Quartet with Danny Funderburk. 2018 Concert
Heart's Desire Quartet 2018
GloryWay Quartet Reunion. Bruce Wells MC
Seville Chamber of Commerce  accepts Gospel Music for the first time.
Bruce Wells getting ready to lead music at The Hymn Sing at New Life Christian in Waynesburg, Ohio September 2020
Hymn Sing at New Life Christian in Waynesburg, Ohio September 2020
Our First Bus called Baby
1968 GMC 4107 Buffalo
This bus was a true road warrior.
Well over one million miles with only one breakdown.
Front Lounge / We practiced and learned a lot of songs here going down the road.
Ed Bruder getting ready to drive the group to minister the Gospel.
The New Bus / 1981 Silver Eagle
Jeff Lowe and I tore out all the seats and added 8 bunks in the back and finished the front lounge for a comfortable space to enjoy each others company and of course learn new songs along the way.
Front Lounge
Highest Praise / 1985-2000. I was with this group for 15 years and with 2 groups at a time with The Master's Quartet from 1995-2000
The Original Master's Quartet / 1995-1997. Jeff Lowe, Ed Bruder, Bruce Wells, Randy Brown. This was my introduction to Southern Gospel! Thank you Lord!
The Master's Quartet / 1997-1998. Steve Partdrige, Jeff Lowe, Bruce Wells, Ed Bruder
The Master's Voice Trio / 1998-1999. Bruce Wells, Eric Jolly, Ed Bruder
The Master's Voice 1999-2000. Ed Bruder, Bruce Wells, Sandy Metz, Sharon Miller-Tawny
The Master's Voice / 2000-2002. Sharon Miller-Tawny, Bruce Wells, Sandy Metz, Rod Lyons, Mike Hoss Smith
Down Home Gospel Quartet  / 2009 -2013 / Original members: Piano, Virginia Calich, Tex Eskew- Tenor, Jim Williams-Lead, Bruce Wells-Baritone, Jim Buckner-Bass. When Jim Buckner passed away we merged with Four By Grace. Mary St. Clair-Soprano, Bob Legge Baritone, Bruce Wells-Lead, Jim Buckner- Bass.
Four By Grace  / Original Members from 1996. Tex Eskew, Bob Legge, Dave Carrol, Jim Buckner. Merged with Down Home Gospel Quartet 2013-2016. Tex Eskew, Bob Legge, Bruce Wells, Dave Carroll
Heart's Desire Quartet
Paul Martin, Jeff Brown, Bruce Wells, Bob Scott
In One Accord with Kathy Martin, Pastor Paul Martin, and Pastor Bruce Wells
New Bus
First Bus
  Down Home Gospel Radio 
Over 1000 programs produced
Original Radio Hosts: Sharon Miller-Tawney & Bruce Wells
Down Home Gospel Radio. Hosts: Sharon Miller-Tawney and Bruce Wells interview Bill Gaither
Sandy Metz, Sharon Miller-Tawney, Bruce Wells  / The Master's Voice on Down Home Gospel Radio / WHLO 640 AM live weekly program.
Hosts: Sharon Miller Tawney and Bruce Wells
Down Home Gospel Radio live. Jim Buckner,  Dave Carroll, Tex Eskew / Four By Grace
Down Home Gospel live broadcast on WHLO 640 AM Sharon Miller-Tawney, Rod Lyons and Bruce Wells interviewing Quincy Edwards from Cambridge Ohio
Down Home Gospel Radio on WHLO 640 am. Hosts: Sharon Miller Tawney and Bruce Wells interview Jake Hess and Dean Hooper.
Mike Hoss Smith / Multiple groups including The Anchormen, The Master's Quartet and The Master's Voice piano Player. Promoted to Glory 2004
Jim Buckner / Multiple groups including the last 2 groups, GloryWay Quartet, Down Home Gospel Quartet / Promoted to Glory 2015
Tex Eskew / Multiple groups including Down Home Gospel Quartet and Four By Grace. Promoted to Glory 2018
Greg Preston's  last recording in his studio was with Four By Grace. We dedicated the project to his memory.
Promoted to Glory 2014
Jeff Hughey / Original member of GloryWay Quartet and Down Home Gospel Board of Directors.Promoted to Glory 2018
In Loving Memory
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The Master's Quartet at a Valentine's Dinner. Eric Jolley, Steve Partridge, Mike Hoss Smith, Bruce Wells & Jeff Lowe  with the teddy bears. Good Times!
The Master's Voice in North Carolina with Bruce Wells, Sharon Miller-Tawney, Brenda Leeks and Mike Hoss Smith. Good Times!
The Master's Voice in North Carolina with Host: Brenda Leeks, Mike Hoss Smith, Sharon Miller-Tawney and Bruce Wells. Good times!
Hey, they got rid of Bruce and really smiled on this one. Brenda Leeks, Mike Hoss Smith, Sharon Miller-Tawney
Rose & Wave Catrell, grand child and Bruce Wells at Good News Baptist in Smithville, Ohio They followed the Master's Voice everywhere. True roadies. We loved them!
Sharon Miller-Tawney, Bruce Wells and Ed Bruder at 90th Birthday of a true Christian Saint.
The Master's Voice with Sharon Miller-Tawney, Bruce Wells and Ed Bruder sing for Jean at her 90th Birthday.
Sharon, Miller=Tawney, with Bruce Wells and Ed Bruder clowning around after singing for a friend at her 90th birthday.
Down Home Gospel Quartet with Piano player Virginia Calich, Bruce Wells, Jerry Hall, Jim Buckner, Bob Legge.
Down Home Gospel Quartet.  Viiginia Calich on the piano. Jerry Hall, Bob Legge, Bruce Wells, Jim Buckner.
Down Home Gospel Quartet enjoying the music at Annual Down Home Gospel at the Gazebo in Kenmore, Ohio.
Project review. What a blessing!
Master's Voice. Sandy Metz, Sharon Miller-Tawney, Bruce Wells
I do not believe in seeking awards, but The  Tri-State Gospel Music Association awarded this to  me and one to Jeff Lowe for best bass as well. The Master's Quartet
Bruce Wells presenting and honoring Bob Legge Ohio Gospel Music Association's 50 years of singing Gospel Music. Gloryway Quartet Reunion concert 2019
Pastor Lee Iden & Music Director Bob Moser  / Chestnut Ridge U.M..C
Good Times!
  Gospel Memories
February 2021
Ellet Community Church Of God

Bruce Wells

Hide Thou Me
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 Gospel Memories

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